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Midweek Medicine, Rooted in Nature
Herbs and energy go hand in hand for me. The food we consume and plant medicine we use have a specific vibration and personality. Before modern times people had close relationships with them and intimately knew their healing power. We wanted to make an opportunity to help reignite this connection. So each week we are going to spotlight an herb or even a common food item to get to know them a little better and maybe help inspire inviting them into your life with a little more intention.
Cinnamon is such an easy spice to add into our dishes. It has a flavor unlike any other. It's energy is so vibrant and warm. A lot of times we don't consider it in our savory dishes and tend to save it for desserts. It can add a nice complex level to your meat dishes and soups as well. It actually plays well with spicy foods. One way I incorporate it in an unexpected way is to add it to my Chili. You can just take your favorite recipe and give it a new spin by adding a couple dashes. Other ideas, add it to your hot chocolate or better yet cacao, sprinkle it on apples and of course don't forget your oatmeal! One dish my husband has mastered is a glazed pork chop. See the recipe below.
We discussed last week the warming herbs and spices for winter and cinnamon is definitely a good one. It also has many great healing qualities.
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar
  • Lowers triglycerides and total cholesterol levels
  • Defending against infection
  • Contains compounds that appear to slow conditions like Alzheimer’s
  • Has anti-inflammatory effects which help to reduce pain
I have often spoke in Reiki classes of how our grandmother's intuitively knew to add cinnamon to the holiday goodies. I wonder if they had an inkling that it helped us process all that sugar a tad better.
 Spiced Honey Mustard Citrus Glaze
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4 cup honey
2 TBS dijon mustard
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl. Baste on which ever meat you prefer. We usually do pork or chicken. Especially good on ham. Rebaste halfway throuh cooking. Works best for roasting or grilling.
I hope you enjoyed this little bit about cinnamon. See you next week.

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