Midweek Medicine, Rooted In Nature
Imbolc has brought in a hint of Spring. And though it is still cold and bare outside, there are signs of life stirring. The crocuses have made their way into the light to share their beautiful essence with the world. There is one variety of crocus that offers one of the most sought after culinary spices, saffron. While it isn’t as a familiar a kitchen spice as others, I really wanted to stay in the energy of the season and give it its rightful place on the Wheel of the Year.
Saffron is the stigmas or threads from the Crocus sativus L. The work that goes into harvesting these stigmas make it quite expensive.
In Ayurvedic medicine it is highly valued for its healing qualities. Medical studies are showing this to be true. Its properties are balancing, warm and rejuvenating.
Some possible benefits to adding saffron to your dishes is:
- May improve sleep quality and duration
- Supports eye health
- Boosts heart health
- Possible mood enhancing or calming effects
- Aphrodisiac
Saffron is enjoyed in many parts of the world and is a staple in Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cooking. This spice has an earthy flavor and bright reddish-golden color due to its high concentration of plant pigments. This is a potent herb so less is more. It pairs very well with root vegetable, rice dishes, chicken, fish and pastas.
You can also make it into a simple tea by steeping 4-6 threads in 1/2 cup of hot water for 5 minutes. Up to 1 cup a day.
Herbs and energy go hand in hand for me. The food we consume and plant medicine we use have a specific vibration and personality. Before modern times people had close relationships with them and intimately knew their healing power. We wanted to make an opportunity to help reignite this connection. So each week we are going to spotlight an herb or even a common food item to get to know them a little better and maybe help inspire inviting them into your life with a little more intention.
This information is not intended to replace medical care. Always check with your doctor before using herbal remedies for medicinal purposes.

What Our Clients Say...

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of receiving my Reiki 1,2, and most recently my Master Level Reiki training from Anita Brown. I cannot thank her enough for guiding me through this amazing journey of healing and self discovery without judgement. Her teachings of Reiki stay true to the core of Reiki at each Level while still allowing the student to add in their own personality along side of it. Coming into this wonderful world has also gained me a trusted sisterhood like I’ve never known in any other modality. It is remembering something that you knew but somehow forgot along the way...I truly believe that each woman that comes into her teaching is meant to be there. Anita is so very special and has a way about her that is indescribable in that her light shines so brightly that you feel better just by being in her space. She is so gifted in so many ways and has taught so many of us in so many diverse areas. I learn something new every time I am with her. I love it when I wake in the morning and can say, “ I get to do this today”! What a blessing she has given me and so many others. I am truly blessed to be part of this sisterhood and look forward to learning more and more....whatever is to come next.... I’m never looking back.

~Susan D

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