As part of our mission to foster a nurturing space for individuals that wish to learn and experience holistic healing, Inspirit Studios offers both regular Reiki classes and treatment sessions.

Our Reiki courses range from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Level 3 and are overseen by a certified Reiki Master, providing an ideal learning situation for those interested in learning the art of Reiki. Other courses and workshops are also available, so please keep an eye on our classes page for more information.

Our Reiki sessions, meanwhile, are full-fledged Reiki treatments offering a variety of approaches that are applied by trained Reiki practitioners.

Remember to keep an eye on our upcoming event schedule for more information on our classes, workshops and meetings.

If you have any questions regarding services provided byInspirit Studios, please contact us today.

Reiki Classes

Reiki can be a spiritual, sacred part of your life - and if you're ready to learn and experience more,Inspirit Studios can help. Our Reiki classes are comprehensive and offer a hands on approach that helps ensure that you're immersed in the practice.

We currently offer Reiki Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses. A course dedicated to Medical Reiki - including information about hospital ethics and alternative hand positions - is also available.

Check our upcoming Events often. We are always looking to offer new and exciting workshops to our growing community.

Reiki Sessions

Inspirit Studios is happy to offer 60 minute Reiki sessions in your home, in the hospital (Bayhealth Kent General) or within our private studio setting. Reiki treatment typically consists of trained and capable practitioners placing their hands gently on or above the clients body in a series of hand positions. Ideally you will reach a relaxed, meditative state during hte session while the practitioner applies Reiki teachings.

Inspirit Studios charges $75 per one hour session (travel costs may also apply).

 one on one spiritual mentoring sessions

dreamstime_xxl_20152887 Reiki Classes, Reiki Sessions, Massage Therapies, Meditation, Holistic Practice - Inspirit StudiosSpiritual Mentoring sessions are one on one organic sessions that involve deep conversation and intuitive guidance. Each appointment is co created between you, me and spirit, unique to each individuals needs. They are paired with an Intuitive Energy Healing session to support continued growth and healing. There is an initial 3 month commitment. This can be broken up into 6 bi weekly sessions or 3 two and a half hour sessions with combine focus.

Cost for the program $450





Energetic parenting 

We naturally connect with our children and family through energy. We are affecting the vibration of each other through our daily interactions. Learning more about how our energy system works can help us to more consciously raise and support our loved ones.  Reiki can be a benefit and support for children in their daily stressors, especially if they going through a particularly tough time, or if they are living with a limitation. 

If you are interested in adding this as a parenting tool or want to experience it yourself, please contact Kailey at 302-363-9383 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each session is tailored to each families needs, stages and ages. Lenght of sessions vary accordingly.

Cost start at $85  

What Our Clients Say...

Having my first Reiki session with Anita was a turning point in my life. After a few years I decided to take the Reiki training with her. Words cannot express how much this experience has positively impacted me. Anita has an amazing loving heart from which she shares her deep love of life. She has many years of experience with Reiki energy in her personal and professional life. Through the Reiki training, I not only learned that I am a wonderful channel for the universe, but I am loved by the universe and that I should love myself. This new-found energy opened all of my chakras, especially my third eye where I was able to love from a different space than before. I couldn’t be more grateful Anita is such a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you, Anita, for changing my life in the most positive way.
Dr. Reba Businsky, Ph.D., CPC