Wild women rise~ seasonal rhythmic retreats

Can you feel the pulse? The rhythm of nature singing softly to your soul? The longing to be in connection with something larger than yourself? This is our calling and our desire for you, to align with the Divine in the rawest of ways, to be immersed in her wisdom and inspired by her grace.

Join us as we reconnect with an old way of Being and emerge into the Now..... The Wind through our hair lightening our spirit, Fire awakening and kindling our spark, Water cleansing and clearing our burdens and Earth supporting and nourishing us.

Each of our retreats are created to put us in an intentional relationship with Nature. We embrace and infuse the vibration of each season into our time together, weaving us into the landscape. 

Are you ready to follow the pulse? To have a place to exhale, unload and reawaken? Then it is time to allow yourself to Be. Be inspired, Be ignited, Be invigorated, Be held, Be loved.

Just Be.

Let us Rise together.


Wild Women Ignite Day Retreat~ Summer Session

08-05-2023 10:00 am -9:00 pm
Wild Women Ignite Day Retreat~ Summer Session

The Divine is present and visible in every living thing. It calls us to express the true essence of our authentic and soul-centered selves. It moves us to weave our thread fully into the tapestry of life. We often feel the need to repress ourselves, to adhere to the wants of others but our unquenchable desire to grow and flourish rises deep from within our primal core. Summer encourages us to stand fully in our spirit, to bring forth our most vibrant light. Like the flowers in full bloom, we are asked to live in our Divine essence. We invite you to ignite your sacred purpose and bring forth the gifts of your Spirit Untethered!!

The day will offer:

~A supportive, compassionate team of facilitators

~Tranquil time in nature

~Nourishing meals

~Deep dives and courageous conversation

Authentic connection and inspiration for your own personal spiritual devotions

~Ending the day with sacred ritual to honor the depths of our journey together

If you find that these offering stir something within you, or the idea of having a sacred space to heal, grow and connect moves you, then you may have landed in the right place. We would be very honored to receive you.

Wild Women Rise

Retreat Facilitators

204_anita-brown-reiki-master Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Anita C. Brown

209_img-6973 Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Kailey Blevins

205_img-6967 Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Ann Darwicki

207_img-6968 Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Becky Miller

206_img-6969 Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Cindi Morris

210_20190502-120631-2 Inspirit Studios Retreats - Inspirit Studios

Jo Franklin