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Anita C. Brown

reiki master/teacher, intuitive healer, retreat facilitator

I am the healer, teacher and creator of Inspirit Studios. I am certified in Bioenergy and Spiritual Healing and Integrative Health. A natural approach to health and well being has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a child my father fostered an understanding that “living off the land” and “connecting with nature” was sacred. That everything had a life force and we were connected by it. He believed that the human touch could not only heal, but also inspire. Our relationship with the Earth and nature, with each other, is powerful medicine.

I was introduced to Reiki a little over 25 years ago when I became friends with this wonderful woman who is a Reiki Master. She gave what I grew up with a sort of identity and soon after I started my formal training. A passion developed and I was led to further my studies and pursued my Master level in Reiki.

Other areas of study I have incorporated into my practice are:

  • Healing Touch
  • Shamanism
  • Herbal medicine
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Crystal & Sound therapy

I am always looking to expand my knowledge. As a practitioner I feel I am merely a channel holding space for you to do the work. My desire is to supply you with the support and opportunity to heal, grow and foster a deep relationship with self. Through this journey I have also had the privilege of offering Reiki during pregnancy and birth, illness, injury and as loved ones have passed over

I have advocated to bring Reiki into the hospital setting as a Complementary therapy. By approaching health in a wholistic manner we can contribute to and enhance our own rejuvenation. I have had the opportunity to present Reiki and energy work to my local hospitals, hospice center, health fairs, assisted living programs, libraries and multiple support groups. My goal is to share Reiki and energy work within our local community. I offer classes, workshops and shares in and around the Delaware area.

Location that I offer sessions:

  • in studio
  • in home
  • Bayhealth Kent/Milford

I am so happy that you have arrived here, now. I believe everything unfolds how and when it is meant to. If what I have shared here resonated with you, please reach out. Give me a call, send me a note.

You Are Loved, Anita
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Kailey Blevins

Reiki Master/teacher, co facilitator

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Ann Darwicki

co facilitator

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Becky Miller

co facilitator

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Cindi Morris

co facilitator

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Jo Franklin

co facilitator

I am a licensed massage therapist of 20 yrs. I am a Reiki Master. I am also a perpetual student of healing, spiritual, and the alternative care world. I'm grateful  to have guided and held space for many people in diverse situations and times of their lives. I am a self advocacy mentor. I get great joy in helping people gain clarity of and for themselves. I am a stepmom, wife, sister, friend, and much more.
I LOVE spending time in nature, cooking, and coming up with new recipes. I thoroughly enjoy trying new things/activities. I am strongly guided in that of a mystic.

What Our Clients Say...

I feel, very deeply, that it was both an honor and a blessing to spend time in the company of Kailey during my Reiki training. I am so grateful that I have been attuned in all levels of Reiki by Kailey as my life has changed exponentially. It was during each of my Reiki attunements that I realized more and more the amazing power of being grounded and connected to the Earth and the Divine at the same time, all at once. I couldn’t be more grateful Kailey is such a truly beautiful person both inside and out.
Thank you, Kailey, for being so awesome!
Dr. Reba Businsky, Ph.D., CPC