Reiki Level 2

06-15-2024 10:00 am -5:00 pm
Reiki Level 2
Level 2/Practitioner training is open to those who have completed Reiki Level 1 and have met the required 20 documented sessions. This level is intended to expand your knowledge and deepen your healing abilities.
Course content:
  • Expanded study of Anatomy of the Energetic Body
  • Level 2 Attunement
  • First 3 Reiki symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Pregnancy and Birth Support
  • End of Life Transitioning
  • Setting up a practice

Tuition $295 (includes manual and lunch)

You will also be added to our Facebook discussion room, have access to monthly Reiki Shares, special workshops, and volunteer opportunities.


Lighting the Wick

06-26-2024 6:30 pm -9:00 pm
Lighting the Wick

Candles have played an important role in our lives throughout culture, time and belief system. They have served as sacred companions for prayer, remembrance, manifesting and release. They can bring clarity and inspiration with their brilliant illumination or carry our deepest desires to the Divine. 

Join us as we explore three unique ways to harness and focus our intentions by embracing  the energy of wick, wax and flame.

Cost $35 and includes take aways from what we share.


Intro to Tarot

07-31-2024 6:30 pm -9:00 pm
Intro to Tarot

Join us as we explore the basics of Tarot.

We will discuss:

  • the difference between the major and minor arcana cards
  • the energy of each suit
  • cleansing and attuning your deck
  • spreads, including  simple, extended and daily
  • reading for your self and reading for others

Workshop includes a set of traditional cards with discriptive attributes and carrying bag.


Sacred Soul Women's Day Retreat~ Summer Session

08-03-2024 10:30 am -9:00 pm
Sacred Soul Women

 The Divine is present and visible in every living thing. It calls us to express the true essence of our authentic selves. The sacred rhythm of nature pulses through our soul like a song. While we have rhythms within our seasons, we also have consistent fluctuating rhythms throughout our lives.  The beat of a powerful thunderstorm can be felt to the marrow of our bones. It enlivens us with its intense, reverberating energy. A gentle breeze can give voice to that which might not  otherwise be heard, the whisper of the leaves, the tinkling of chimes. 

When we witness this, we can be inspired to lean into the cadence of our own energy, our own ebbs and flows.

When the river rages it does not hold back or judge its self; it is the chaos… 

When the feather falls it surrenders to the journey… 

When the fire burns it can engulf, it blazes…

During this day retreat we will embrace our own unique, individual rhythm and allow ourselves to trust in the moment, be in the vibration and honor raise and fall of our own inner song.

The day will offer:

~A supportive, compassionate team of facilitators

~Tranquil time in nature

~A nourishing meal

~Deep dives and courageous conversation

~Authentic connection and inspiration for your own personal spiritual devotions

~Ending the day with sacred ritual to honor the depths of our journey together

If you find that these offering stir something within you, or the idea of having a sacred space to heal, grow and connect moves you, then you may have landed in the right place. We would be very honored to receive you.


Crystal Gridding and Sacred Geometry

08-28-2024 6:30 pm -9:00 pm
Crystal Gridding and Sacred Geometry

Have you ever been drawn to crystals and stone and felt their energy? Collecting them but not really sure what to do with them?

In this workshop you will learn how to create simple and powerful crystal grids to raise and clear your vibration and the vibration of your home. Grids can also support healing and spiritual growth and align you for manifesting abundance in your life. 

We will blend it with sacred geometry to layer in more intention and direction. 

Feel free to bring crystals you already have. We will have items available for purchase as well. 

What Our Clients Say...

Magical healing and mystical experiences are abound when it comes to the loving energy of Reiki.  These incredibly wonderful experiences start even before sessions begins; when you first see and feel the completely awesome and amazing energy of Anita's cottage.  Upon entering the cottage, you feel completely at ease, with a world of stress that you carry just melting away.  The longer you are in the cottage receiving the love of the Reiki energy and connecting to Spirit, the more of a gift you have been given.  It is truly something amazing and truly unique to each person.  And the best part is, while every session is unique, you know that you will be loved, touched, and receive some healing before your session is over.  The gift and love of the Reiki energy, the connections to Spirit, and the passion of those who bring Reiki to others is a beacon of light in a crazy, chaotic, and stressful world.  While there are many ways to relax and renew oneself, Reiki with Anita is one of the best and most profound experiences that one can have. 

~Katie Holloway