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Midweek Medicine, Rooted In Nature
Herbs and energy go hand in hand for me. The food we consume and plant medicine we use have a specific vibration and personality. Before modern times people had close relationships with them and intimately knew their healing power. We wanted to make an opportunity to help reignite this connection. So each week we are going to spotlight an herb or even a common food item to get to know them a little better and maybe help inspire inviting them into your life with a little more intention.
This in formation is not intended to replace medical care. Always check with your doctor before using herbal remedies for medicinal purposes.
Today we are looking at a partnership between two spices that support each other’s healing powers. Turmeric is a well known spice from India usually found in curry dishes. It is coveted for its ability to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. It subtle warming action can help to raise your core body temperature. So this makes it a perfect spice to blend into a warm cup of tea or cacao after a day in the cold.
Turmeric is not easily absorb into the body. When paired with black pepper it helps to make its properties more effective. Both of these spices are wonderfully warming and add a unique flavor to your recipes. Another way to help absorb the nutritional benefits from turmeric is by using it with a healthy fat like coconut milk.
Some possible benefits to including turmeric and black pepper into your diet;
- Reduces inflammation
- Supports gut health
- Improves memory
- Boosts moods
- Antioxidant properties
Turmeric pairs well with chicken, vegetables and shrimp for a tasty stir fry or curry.
It can be mixed with honey and coconut oil to make a wonderful daily dose of goodness. Just mix a generous amount into a small jar of honey and take a teaspoon full a day. Or put it in your oatmeal or on toast.
Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit. See you next week.

What Our Clients Say...

Magical healing and mystical experiences are abound when it comes to the loving energy of Reiki.  These incredibly wonderful experiences start even before sessions begins; when you first see and feel the completely awesome and amazing energy of Anita's cottage.  Upon entering the cottage, you feel completely at ease, with a world of stress that you carry just melting away.  The longer you are in the cottage receiving the love of the Reiki energy and connecting to Spirit, the more of a gift you have been given.  It is truly something amazing and truly unique to each person.  And the best part is, while every session is unique, you know that you will be loved, touched, and receive some healing before your session is over.  The gift and love of the Reiki energy, the connections to Spirit, and the passion of those who bring Reiki to others is a beacon of light in a crazy, chaotic, and stressful world.  While there are many ways to relax and renew oneself, Reiki with Anita is one of the best and most profound experiences that one can have. 

~Katie Holloway

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