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Herbs and energy go hand in hand for me. The food we consume and plant medicine we use have a specific vibration and personality. Before modern times people had close relationships with them and intimately knew their healing power. We wanted to make an opportunity to help reignite this connection. So each week we are going to spotlight an herb or even a common food item to get to know them a little better and maybe help inspire inviting them into your life with a little more intention.

This in formation is not intended to replace medical care. Always check with your doctor before using herbal remedies for medicinal purposes.

Thyme is as a common culinary herb that is often over looked for its healing qualities, especially during the winter months. Not only does it have a warming nature, it also proves very useful for many common complaints that come up in the winter months. It is easy to grown and dry so makes a great garden ally.

Thyme has long been used to:

  • Ease coughs and congestion
  • Minimize sore throat pain
  • Open and support the respiratory system
  • Mood boosting effects
  • It has even been known to help lower blood pressure

Some simple ways to use thyme;

  • Tea made with dried thyme and honey for a scratchy throat or to lift the spirits
  • Added to soup to layer in flavor and nutrient
  • Saute with vegetables
  • Place a few drops of thyme essential oils to a diffuser and breathe deeply.

Thyme is my go to as a natural gargle for sore throats. Just make a strong brew, add a pinch of salt, let cool and gargle as needed to reduce pain. It is very similar to Listerine.

Hope this info gives you a little comfort when you are in need. See you next week.

What Our Clients Say...

My husband Brian and I got engaged in December of 2016.  We knew straight away that we did not want a traditional wedding.  We study the Norse culture and other spiritual avenues and wanted our wedding to reflect our spiritual interests.  I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 from the Reiki Master Anita Brown and so when I learned that she could officiate a wedding I was elated.  I asked her if she would do the honors and she graciously agreed.  We had several phone conversations and a personal meeting to discuss what we thought our ceremony should include, and what it should not.  Anita was very introspective and attentive to our desires and created a wedding plan that was acurately attuned to what we wanted.  It was perfect in every aspect. I am so grateful to her for making our day, OUR day. 

~Alexa Anthony

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