Inspirit studios is a heart centered, soul full collaboration of passionate wholistic practitioners.

We value individual growth and know that bringing forth our truest essence and most authentic selves will genuinely transform ourselves and the world.

Our mission is to create a sacred, tranquil environment to support healing and spiritual growth. We offer a wide range of complementary therapies that we weave together for a personalized experience. It is an opportunity to reflect, release and rejoice the important aspects of our lives.

From Reiki to sound therapy, herbals to meditation, we feel that incorporating these natural healing modalities into your life can help to realign you with the deep innate wisdom that resides within each of us, enhancing a sense of vibrancy and wellbeing. 

Inspirit Studios also offers a variety of groups, workshops and classes to help you fully awaken to who you really are. We offer everything from personalized sessions, Reiki certification, aromatherapy workshops and meditation classes, just to name a few. We are extending an invitation to you to participate in helping us to create a community of Inspirited intention.

Upcoming Events

Essential Oils: A Lifestyle

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Inspirit Studios, Magnolia

Essential Oils: A Lifestyle
Learn simple, easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your life for greater health and vitality.
Join Christina Hill as she shares here knowledge on the benefits and safety of essential oils.

Buy tickets Places left: 7    |    Cost: 20.00 USD

What Our Clients Say...

Magical healing and mystical experiences are abound when it comes to the loving energy of Reiki.  These incredibly wonderful experiences start even before sessions begins; when you first see and feel the completely awesome and amazing energy of Anita's cottage.  Upon entering the cottage, you feel completely at ease, with a world of stress that you carry just melting away.  The longer you are in the cottage receiving the love of the Reiki energy and connecting to Spirit, the more of a gift you have been given.  It is truly something amazing and truly unique to each person.  And the best part is, while every session is unique, you know that you will be loved, touched, and receive some healing before your session is over.  The gift and love of the Reiki energy, the connections to Spirit, and the passion of those who bring Reiki to others is a beacon of light in a crazy, chaotic, and stressful world.  While there are many ways to relax and renew oneself, Reiki with Anita is one of the best and most profound experiences that one can have. 

~Katie Holloway