Having my first Reiki session with Anita was a turning point in my life. After a few years I decided to take the Reiki training with her. Words cannot express how much this experience has positively impacted me. Anita has an amazing loving heart from which she shares her deep love of life. She has many years of experience with Reiki energy in her personal and professional life. Through the Reiki training, I not only learned that I am a wonderful channel for the universe, but I am loved by the universe and that I should love myself. This new-found energy opened all of my chakras, especially my third eye where I was able to love from a different space than before. I couldn’t be more grateful Anita is such a beautiful person both inside and out. Thank you, Anita, for changing my life in the most positive way.
Dr. Reba Businsky, Ph.D., CPC