I believe that you get out of life what you put into it. You give worth to the things that you embrace. Reiki can be a very spiritual, sacred part of your life, if given the respect and honor that it deserves. That is why we feel that it is important that it not be rushed and that you take a hands on approach to help you fully absorb the knowledge. Once you have completed each level of Reiki, live with it for a while. Experience it and let it fill you with its amazing gift. Get feed back from the people in your life that you practice on. Work with other students and share ideas and techniques.

In taking classes with Inspirit Studios we offer our students continued support and a community to grow with.

Reiki Level 1

This class teaches the basics of Reiki. Learn techniques to align and balance your own energy, reduce stress that can lead to illness and find an inner peace.The focus will be on the Anatomy of the Energetic Body, History, ethics, self treatment hand positions and treatment hand positions for others. We will explore the human energy field with exercises and practice sessions. Plus you will receive your level 1 attunements. After this level of training you will be encouraged to do self treatments and to practice on friends and family. This class is a very valuable tool for caregivers and parents.

Cost of this class is $125.00

Reiki Level 2

( prerequisite Reiki level 1)

After completing Level 2 training you will be qualified to be a Reiki practitioner. This allows you to share the benefits of Reiki as a professional, with that come a responsibility to your clients. This class will expand on what was learned about chakras and their functions in the level one class, you will be given the first three Reiki symbols, learn distance treatments and discuss setting up a practice. You will also receive your level 2 attunements.

Cost of this class is $175.00

Reiki level 3 Master/instructor

(prerequisite Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2, documented sessions and case study)

This level class will prepare you to pass on the tradition of Reiki through teaching. This level of training should not be entered into lightly. By choosing to become a Reiki Master you also choose to take on the responsibility of honoring a tradition. As a Master you need to embody the spirit of what you are teaching, to create for yourself a lifestyle that is committed to balance.

Sign up early as we will be meeting a couple times before the actual class to go over your case studies. Dates for that will be posted.

Main class will start on Friday evening at Shiloh with instruction (this is an overnight class) Saturday you will co-teach your first level 1 with your fellow students under my guidance.

Cost for this class is $350.00 (include lodging, meals and manul)
Limit of 4 level 3 student

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What Our Clients Say...

I am an active runner who has been fighting plantar fasciitis for two years.  I have had an injection, physical therapy, corrective insoles and new shoes. I have had improvement only to relapse. When I first heard about Reiki from Angela, I was skeptical, to say the least. But I was willing to try anything.

I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was during the session. The environment is soothing and visually aesthetic.  The music was calming and the aromatherapy added to the experience. I would describe the Reiki the location of trigger point of inflammation, with a touch of acupressure.

After several sessions, I am pain free!  I am convinced it was the healing touch of these Reiki sessions that has contributed to the resolution of my plantar fasciitis.

Thank you Angela for opening my eyes to alternative treatments.  I will spread the word to other injured runners who don’t want to stop.

- Anne Beals