Effective April 11th (New Moon, a good time for change and growth)

Personal Healing sessions (Reiki/Healing Touch)

Each healing session is intuitively led and unique to each clients needs. I weave my knowledge of Reiki, Healing Touch, Shamanism and sound and crystal healing into each experience. I am honored to to hold space as you reconnect, heal and reestablish trust to your Sacred Soul Journey.

  • 60 minute $75
  • 90 minute $100

Couples Harmonizing Sessions $125 (Reiki/Healing Touch, 60 minutes)

What a beautiful way to bring your energies into alignment and build intention into your relationship. This technique involves two practitioners working together as the couple each lay upon a reiki table next to each other. They are close enough to hold hands if they choose. The practitioners goal is to create a harmonious blend of the couples energies infused with love and compassion.

Distance Healing with Grid- $55 

Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere. Energy is not limited by space or time. If there is someone you would like distance healing sent to,  I would be happy to facilitate that.  I incorporate crystal grids in this service for continued healing work. To find out more contact me, Anita, at 302-222-4804 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Heart Centered Meditation- $65
The purpose of this meditation is to open the heart center through the giving and receiving of unconditional love. It can be facilitated for a one on one practice or for a group. This guided meditation session is wonderful for couples beginning their lives together, husbands and wives who would like to reconnect or deepen their connection, families that would like to honor each other or friends who would like to be more present in their journey together. Ask about the other guided meditations I offer.

Energetic House Clearing
Spaces and places hold the energy of events, emotions, and activities that have occurred within them. A clearing can help to release these stuck, dense energies making way for harmony and peace. This helps to raise the vibration and fill the home with love and light.

A good time to consider this service is:

  • when moving into a new home
  • after a divorce or separation
  • when there has been an argument or emotional trauma in the home
  • when a new member joins the family
  • after an illness or death 
  • when things just are not going right
  • just because there feels like a heaviness to the energy

Each clearing is created specifically for each home. The owners participate in the clearing ritual. Pricing starts at $125.

reiki classes

level 1

This class teaches the basics of Reiki. Learn techniques to align and balance your own energy, reduce stress that can lead to illness and find an inner peace.The focus will be on the Anatomy of the Energetic Body, History, ethics, self treatment hand positions and hand positions for treating others. We will explore the human energy field with exercises and practice sessions. Plus you will receive your level 1 attunements. After this level of training you will be encouraged to do self treatments and to practice on friends and family. This class is a very valuable tool for caregivers and parents.

Investment for this class is $175.00

level 2

( prerequisite Reiki level 1, plus 20 documented sessions)

After completing Level 2 training you will be qualified to be a Reiki practitioner. This allows you to share the benefits of Reiki as a professional, with that come a responsibility to your clients. This class will expand on what was learned about chakras and their functions in the level one class, you will be given the first three Reiki symbols, learn distance treatments and discuss setting up a practice. You will also receive your level 2 attunements.

Investment for this class is $275.00

level 3 master/instructor

(prerequisite Reiki level 1, Reiki level 2, documented sessions and case study)

This level class will prepare you to pass on the tradition of Reiki through teaching. This level of training should not be entered into lightly. By choosing to become a Reiki Master you also choose to take on the responsibility of honoring a tradition. As a Master you need to embody the spirit of what you are teaching, to create for yourself a lifestyle that is committed to balance.
This is a 2 part class. The first portion will be theory, the second portion the student will teach a level 1 Reiki class under Anita's guidance.

Investment for this class is $400.00 (meals and manual)
Limit of 3 Master level students by invitation

What Our Clients Say...

My husband Brian and I got engaged in December of 2016.  We knew straight away that we did not want a traditional wedding.  We study the Norse culture and other spiritual avenues and wanted our wedding to reflect our spiritual interests.  I had taken Reiki 1 and 2 from the Reiki Master Anita Brown and so when I learned that she could officiate a wedding I was elated.  I asked her if she would do the honors and she graciously agreed.  We had several phone conversations and a personal meeting to discuss what we thought our ceremony should include, and what it should not.  Anita was very introspective and attentive to our desires and created a wedding plan that was acurately attuned to what we wanted.  It was perfect in every aspect. I am so grateful to her for making our day, OUR day. 

~Alexa Anthony