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Anita C Brown - Reiki Master, Owner of Inspirit Studios

Anita C. Brown

Reiki Master Teacher & Healing Touch Specialist

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and owner of Inspirit Studios. I am certified in Bioenergy and Spiritual Healing and Integrative Health. A natural approach to health and well being has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a child my father fostered an understanding that “living off the land” and “connecting with nature” was sacred. That everything had a life force and we were connected by it. He believed that the human touch could not only heal us, but inspire us.

I was introduced to Reiki a little over 20 years ago when I became friends with this wonderful woman who is a Reiki Master. She gave what I grew up with a sort of identity and soon after I took her level 1 class. A passion developed and I was led to further my studies and pursued my Master level in Reiki.

Through this journey I have had the privilege of applying Reiki during pregnancy and births, illnesses, injuries and as loved ones have passed over. Other healing therapies I have incorporated into my practice are Healing Touch,aromatherapy, crystal and sound therapy and meditation. I am always looking to expand my knowledge. As a practitioner I feel I am merely a channel for the healing energy, the recipient is the healer. No one can truly heal you but yourself. My goal is to supply you with the support and opportunity by which to help you achieve your balance and well being.

I have advocated to bring Reiki into the hospital setting as a Complementary therapy. By approaching health in a wholistic manner we can enhance and contribute to our own rejuvenation. I have had the opportunity  to present Reiki and energy work to my local hospitals, hospice center, health fairs, assisted living programs, libraries and multiple support groups.

I offers classes, workshops and shares in and around the Delaware area. My goal is to share Reiki and energy work with our local community.

Location of work : in studio, In home sessions, Bayhealth Kent General/Milford, call for other locations.

What Our Clients Say...

Anita is one of the very kindest souls I have ever met. I first crossed paths with Anita at a Reiki share and quickly asked her to be my teacher so I could advance through Reiki I, II, and III. I was going through a very, very hard time in life physically and emotionally and doing Reiki and meditations with Anita, as well as being surrounded by her loving and non-judgmental nature had a healing effect on me. I took all three classes through Inspirit Studios and Anita attuned me to Reiki Master/Teacher so I could continue to do Reiki on myself at home in order to continue my path of physical and emotional healing. Anita’s teaching ability and healing touch is powerful and she has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. It is my opinion that her spirit is her most powerful attribute, one that has the power to heal just by being close to it. I will forever be grateful to Anita for all she has done for me, and the continued friendship I share with her.

- Eleni Theodorakos, M.Ed.
Business Owner www.excelintoaction.com
Reiki Master

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