Nature is such a great example of harmonious living. In order for the branches of a tree to grow true and strong the roots must grow deep and wide. This is true in our lives as well. This vibrational blend brings the stimulating scent of spearmint, uplifting bergamot, protective essence of eucalyptus and earthy grounding patchouli. Infused with Reiki, this spray is a perfect companion for meditation, gatherings or daily personal rituals. It encourages grounding and balance.

Roots & Branches

What Our Clients Say...

Every experience I have under Anita's teaching can only be described as Holy, sacred, unforgettable, and something I can use to step to the next level of spiritual growth. She knows I'm a Christian and we combine my background with this and add so much more that my mind is just blown with her knowledge and love. When I step in that door I just don't want to leave! I love that place and all the amazing loving women I am learning with.