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Healing Share

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Inspirit Studios, Magnolia

Healing Share
This is a twice a month group of Reiki/Healing Touch practitioners and that get together to practice and share experiences and ideas. 

Buy tickets Cost: 5 USD

What Our Clients Say...

I am an active runner who has been fighting plantar fasciitis for two years.  I have had an injection, physical therapy, corrective insoles and new shoes. I have had improvement only to relapse. When I first heard about Reiki from Angela, I was skeptical, to say the least. But I was willing to try anything.

I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed I was during the session. The environment is soothing and visually aesthetic.  The music was calming and the aromatherapy added to the experience. I would describe the Reiki the location of trigger point of inflammation, with a touch of acupressure.

After several sessions, I am pain free!  I am convinced it was the healing touch of these Reiki sessions that has contributed to the resolution of my plantar fasciitis.

Thank you Angela for opening my eyes to alternative treatments.  I will spread the word to other injured runners who don’t want to stop.

- Anne Beals

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