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Business Name: Illuminate You Coaching
Coaching works to get you to your Best Self:You will find what is uniquely meaningful to you and translate that into an empowering vision.You will transform those limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that prevent you from creating the vision.You will build new beliefs and perspectives that allow you to create your vision of your best self.You will learn tools to use in your everyday life as you create and see your best self com to light. Philosophy: Jamie’s philosophy is based on the premise that our thoughts and beliefs create the conditions of our lives.  If we want to bring real changes in our lives we have to change our beliefs.  This philosophy provides a powerful framework that will help you to get to your best self. It is incredibly fulfilling and powerful! When we are our best selves: We are better friends, parents, leaders, directors of our lives We are more fulfilled!        We have more energy. We have more patience. We are more productive. We feel more fulfilled. We feel more balanced. We automatically take better care of ourselves. We set a wonderful example for our children to be their best selves.      We inspire others to be their best selves. How Coaching Works: All coaching sessions are done over the phone and a typical coaching relationship lasts 10 to 12  sessions. The coach and client create a synergistic relationship, and work together to move the client forward. The agenda is always set by the client.
Address: (mailing only) 340 Cecil Street
City: Chesapeake City
State: MD
Zip: 21915
Cell: 443-566-0073