Welcome to the Sisterhood of the Red Tent.  In collaboration with Anita Kiger of Shiloh Retreat Center and Anita Brown of Inspirit Studios, we extend an invitation for you to remember, re-ignite and celebrate the Sacred Feminine. We have created a place of belonging for all women in which we gather, honor, share and understand our seasons.

In days past, when we lived together as a community, the women would honor the cycles and seasons of their lives. They supported and guided each other through the journey of womanhood, imparting wisdom on the feminine path, intimacy & love, pregnancy & birth and  other experiences in our journeys. There are no limits to our discussions….This was found across cultures from the nomads in the desert to the Native Americans. Women would retreat together to the Red Tent and enjoy their time free of the chores and concerns of their lives.  They usually spent 3 days a month away from their families, just with the other women.  They would talk together, rest, dream and care for themselves and each other.  It was a nurturing environment that they all loved and appreciated.  Many of the women would have prophetic dreams during this time.  Some of the women would be blessed with a vision on their third day and this would be shared with the whole community on their return.  

Today’s Red Tent reclaims a sacred space in women’s lives that support our need for community, to nourish ourselves on a soul level and take time out of our busy schedules.  The Red Tent provides a quiet space in which to focus our attention inward and connect with our sisters, who also travel this road. It is an opportunity to reflect, release and rejoice the important aspects of our lives. Much like our cycles…..we shed that which we no longer need in order to create a space that will create and nurture life.

Our sisterhood and community has been lost in today’s society, so it is in these retreats that we want to empower each one of you to reclaim that which has been lost and to embrace one another in love, support and sacredness.

Our Sisters from the beginning of time, relied, empowered and supported one another.  Hear their voices right now, crying out to come back…..come back sisters….to where you belong.

Upcoming Events

Reiki Level 2

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Inspirit Studios, Magnolia

Reiki Level 2
Prerequisites: Reiki level 1, 20 documented sessions, 3 reiki shares and/or 5 hours of approved volunteer hours. After completing Level 2 training you will be qualified to be a Reiki practitioner ...

Buy tickets Places left: 6    |    Cost: 175.00 USD

Reiki Level 1

10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Inspirit Studios, Magnolia

Reiki Level 1
This class will be led by my Master/Teacher level 3 students working towards their certification under my instruction.
Level 1 teaches the basics of Reiki. Learn techniques to align and balance you ...

Buy tickets Places left: 4    |    Cost: 175.00 USD

What Our Clients Say...

"The experience was awesome. I have never felt so in touch with my own energy. Thank you."

- Tom

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